SPAce Radiation shiElding

SPARE – SPAce Radiation shiElding – is a project (funded by the premiale 2016 MIUR) dedicated to the optimisation of human space exploration. The health risks caused by exposure to cosmic radiation are recognised as the main obstacle to the safe colonisation of solar systems. Shielding is the only practical solution available and new highly hydrogenated materials are being developed for spacecraft shielding. The use of in situ resources had been proposed for planetary bases, but exposure to neutrons remains a problem. SPARE will carry out campaigns to measure active and passive materials using high-energy protons and neutrons at the acceleration plants in Trento (TIFPA) and Legnaro (SPES-LNL). The innovative MONDO detector is able to trace both neutrons and charged particles and will be used to measure the radiation transmitted and emitted by the shieldings.


contact: Michela Marafini

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