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CREF promotes original and high-impact lines of research, based on physical methods, but with a strong interdisciplinary character and in relation to the main problems of the modern knowledge society.

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The CREF was born with a dual soul: a research centre and a historical museum. Its aim is to preserve and disseminate the memory of Enrico Fermi and to promote the dissemination and communication of scientific culture.

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Young Minds EPS

The Enrico Fermi Research Centre participates in the “Young Minds” project promoted by the European Physical Society (EPS) with the creation of a group composed of Domenica Verduci, Anna Mancini, Jacopo Signorini, Francesco Furfari and Giulio Iannelli, under the guidance of Tutor Miriam Focaccia.

The initiative consists in the voluntary creation of a group of “young minds” willing to grow and share their knowledge of physics and related disciplines, thus contributing to the development and promotion of the subject in Europe.

The project was born in 2010 from the desire of Maciej Kolwas, then President of the EPS, to achieve a triple objective: to select future researchers in physics; to promote the discipline by encouraging scientific activism among young people; and finally to offer them the opportunity to network across national borders, supporting the development of communication networks with other scientists and thus promoting the multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of science.

All university students, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows who are members of the European Physical Society or of a national society affiliated to it can join a Young Minds section or create a new one, in the Italian case at the Italian Physical Society (SIF). There must be at least four members to cover the roles of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and then a local faculty advisor who can guarantee the continuity and promotion of the project in the place of origin.

There are currently more than sixty local sections involved in the initiative, covering 32 European countries, including that of Via Panisperna.

The objectives of the project are fully in line with those of our Enrico Fermi Research Centre, which every day develops new ideas to promote and encourage the dissemination and diffusion of scientific culture to the public, in particular to schools and universities, through original lines of research.


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