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The legacy of Enrico Fermi. The challenges of the future

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CREF promotes original and high-impact lines of research, based on physical methods, but with a strong interdisciplinary character and in relation to the main problems of the modern knowledge society.

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The CREF was born with a dual soul: a research centre and a historical museum. Its aim is to preserve and disseminate the memory of Enrico Fermi and to promote the dissemination and communication of scientific culture.

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17 April 2024

I am convinced that physical science must move towards intense collaboration with other sister sciences and especially with biology. I hope that such a trend, which is emerging today, can benefit both of these sciences

Enrico Fermi, notes written in Stockholm, December 1938


The scientific legacy of Enrico Fermi

The Fermi Museum, entitled ‘The scientific legacy of Enrico Fermi’, is housed on the ground floor of the monumental complex in via Panisperna, home of the CREF since 2019 after a careful and rigorous philological restoration.
The building itself is an integral part of the museum itinerary. In fact, the internal courtyard is an integral part of it, in the center of which stands the famous ‘goldfish’ fountain (the first Italian historical site of the European Physical Society since 2012; the entrance staircase, immortalized in 1931 on the occasion of the first international congress of Nuclear physics in which the most famous theoretical physicists of the time participated; up to the large corridors with vaulted ceilings on the first floor, along which Fermi and his collaborators ran during the experiments on radioactivity induced by neutrons during 1934. Experiments which, as is known, they earned Fermi the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1938.

Museo Enrico Fermi


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