A creative environment

The  new headquarters of the Physics Institute inaugurated in 1881 in via Panisperna in Rome.

Here the first “practical school” of physics of the nation was launched, under the guidance of the physicist Pietro Blaserna, first Director of the Institute, who had designed the entire structure of the building in detail, within the larger project of strengthening and renewal of the University in Rome, started immediately after the Unification. An Institute that, like other prestigious international realities, fully represented a creative environment because it managed, on the one hand, to combine individual skills and the scientific, political and social milieu; on the other, to carry out discoveries and innovations that allowed the broadest cultural advance.

Today the monumental complex in via Panisperna is an integral part of the museum itinerary, with the ‘fountain of goldfish’ –aqua fontis– where it is said that Fermi and his group carried out experiments on slowing down neutrons; the staircase at the entrance, immortalized in 1931 on the occasion of the first international congress of nuclear physics; the monumental internal staircase and the corridors on the first floor, where the ‘Corbino boys’ ran between the irradiation of one element and the other, with Fermi always in the lead!